Sea Level Rise Flooding Vlog

A video series that illustrates how different local government agencies can come together to develop and implement an adaption plan for sea level rise flooding due to climate change.

Climate change continues to threaten local flooding to the downtown Olympia area due to sea levels rising and severe weather triggering high river flows.

This flooding will become more severe unless preventative actions are implemented. The flooding potentially affects over 118,000 residents of Thurston County, Washington with regard to wastewater treatment, local government services, emergency services, port of Olympia, businesses, recreation amenities and services.

A collaboration of local agencies has developed an action plan for adaptation to this disruptive threat.

This 8 part video series will inform, educate and engage the local community about these complex issues.

First episode of 8 part video series.

 Introduction and Overview

2nd in a series of 8 videos.

This episode is about historical flooding, global warming, land subsidence, and weather affecting sea level rise. 

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