Documentaries tell the story about someone in a compellng way.

Six teenagers in the Pacific Northwest struggle to remain active in social justice issues after the Parkland school shooting.

The story in their own voices is about the journey of group of young people in Washington state as they become involved in local community social issues after participating in March For Our Lives 2018

This is a movie about the Alaska Suite.

The movie consists of an interview with the composer and excerpts from a performance.

The performance engages the power of artistic expression — live music, spoken words, images and poetry — to connect audiences deeply and emotionally to the scientific realities of climate change.

The life and death of a giant sequoia and how the sequoia endures through art and replanting by a community of people who care. Recorded over a a years time, the movie chronicles the stages

26 minute version of a documentary movie about two conservationists and their struggle with limited resources to preserve and protect exotic, endangered, wild, African hoofed animals.

Using their own words from interviews they describe their struggles to breed rare species of antelope, zebra and giraffe before they become extinct.

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