Artist Profiles

The primary goal of these videos is to showcase the art and creation process of resident artists in a retirement community. Interviews with artists in the fields of visual arts, fabric arts, 3-dimensional arts, theater arts and musical arts. During the personal interview, artists share examples of their art work and/or performances and discuss various topics such as how they got started, what inspires them and how they chose their medium.

Tam Alden - iPhone Photography


John Giese Topaz Software Artist

Sheila Ralston - Colored Pencil Artist


Janet Sears - Fabric Artist


Gerda Randolph - Visual Artist, Felting Sculpture



Harriet Hunter - Visual Artist, Teacher, Organizer


Kinetic Sculpture artist, Jim Crabtree, describes his art and some of the processes involved in creating his works.


Mary has been an entertainer all her life. Singing in church choirs since she was five, a permanent member of the Seattle Opera Chorus, a comedienne. This video highlights the many facets of this resident Panorama gem.




Dale Witherow is an abstract expressionist


Mike media is the theatre - acting directing, live theater and TV productions


Jim has chosen pine needle basket weaving as his media


April has chosen fibre art, water color, pencil drawing, basket weaving and ceramics as her media.

Emily is a visual artist and has experience in many different kinds of media - including ceramics, wood-carving, painting and pencil art. She has taught art to many types and ages of students.

Gail Madden describes her involvement in community theater. Gail is actively involved in directing, acting, set design and construction, writing,etc


Chuck Magnusson is a wood carver in the style of Northwest Native Americans. He carves masks, totems, bowls, canes and rattles.

103 year old resident artist at Panorama


Interview with Russell Day showing the many facets of his life and influence. in 2014 Russell was 102 years old



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